2017-05-06 09:43:24 by W-in-K

Things have gotten really out-of-hand in terms of reviews. I'll be looking at a song checking the reviews out like, "Hey let's see what other people think". Reviews were probably originally intended for constructive criticism. NOTE: NG has rules about reviews. I mostly do see constructive criticism, but with it is unnecessary swear words. Like...WHY? {Also theres non-constructive non-criticism swear word reviews) Another time, there was a really mean one I saw on superdubstepmario. There was this one, really mean review at the top of the list, most recent, and it was swearing, saying mean things, and not even completely reviewing at all, it was just him being a JERK. [NOTE II: That review is now removed]. In the first place, can't we just REVIEW and be nice like it's supposed to work??????????


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2017-05-27 11:37:14

Yeah, this has always been a huge problem on the site. We're trying to make sure NG doesn't become like YouTube. ;)

W-in-K responds:

Oh boyyyyyyy... If ng was youtube... uh-oh.